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December 21, 2003

4 More Sleeps!

25 years ago I would have been counting down the minutes. Today, I realized that the "Christmas Holidays" have very little affect on my life. So little that, until I looked at the calendar today, I didn't know that Christmas Day was THIS week.

I suppose that the whole moving thing is one reason for the absence of Christmas decor. I haven't come across that box yet and any gifts that I have bought still seem to be amongst the unpacked. So, aside from the few gifts and odd cards that we have received, the only sign of Christmas is a CD playing "Holiday Favorites" quietly in the livingroom (courtesy of Ocean Spray, found by Ken on the web).

Another reason could be that my family is on Vancouver Island...my brother and sister are celebrating with their in-laws this year so that we can all try to get together next year. This was a convenient excuse for my parents to bugger off to California for a couple of weeks. Ken's family is here but as you know, the Chinese way is all about the food! And really, I'm not one to complain!

On one hand, it might have been nice for Oliver to have some twinkling lights to gaze at but given his very short attention span, I don't think it would have a lasting effect this year. He'll have to get his fill from all of the visiting we do!

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