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February 12, 2004

Life in the Co-op

After living in a downtown condo for years, we're finding life in a housing co-op a little strange. First of all, we were able to choose the colour of the paint and the type of linoleum we wanted, and we got to pick out the carpet. So now we have a red kitchen and flooring that people think looks just like hardwood, and we have a brand new carpet (with no baby puke and no tea stains on it).

We have a cherry blossom tree blooming right outside of our window. We are surrounded by shrubbery, and we don't hear any traffic. Plus, we have a garden...which means that I'm going to be digging in the dirt and growing and other green things. How crazy is that!

But, as go-Daddy-O points out, the strangest part about living in the co-op is that we no longer feel anonymous. Yesterday the next door neighbours popped in to say hi and introduce themselves. A mom and her two kids cheerfully greeted go-Daddy-O in the parkade. A woman from across the street stopped us at the bottom of the stairs in order to welcome us into the community. Apparently, everybody knows that the "new people" are just moving in.

Yes, it feels strange--but strange in a weird and wonderful way. I think we're really going to like living here!

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That sounds lovely! That's why I want to go back to Iowa City when it is time for a family--if you want to be anonymous, it certainly isn't the place. People actually do things like take pies next door to greet the new neighbors. Ah, Iowa =) I'm envious though--big city culture with small city charms. Go you. =)

Posted by: Addy | Feb 17, 2004 8:09:20 AM

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