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October 09, 2003

Forests for Future Generations

From the David Suzuki Foundation

BC Forests Need Your Help!

On October 6, the BC Legislature opened for the fall session. The government plans to pass its Working Forest legislation, which means that timber companies will be given unprecedented access to our forests with almost no government oversight of logging practices.

All publicly owned forests outside of existing parks and protected areas will become part of the working forest if this legislation is approved. The working forest will encompass 45 million hectares — an area larger than the state of California.

Now is the time to write before British Columbia’s publicly owned forests are turned over to private companies. Remind the minister that 97 percent of the public that participated in the government consultation process opposed the working forest legislation.

Because of public pressure, the government cancelled its plans to privatize the Coquihalla highway. With your help, we believe we can force Premier Campbell and Minister Hagen to withdraw this regressive legislation.

Tell Minister Hagan that British Columbia’s forests belong to all of us - not just private timber companies.
Your action could help ensure that future generations can enjoy and benefit from publicly owned and managed forests.

Thank You!

Click here to sign a petition.

See Cubicle Dweller for links to both the pro-business and independent media perspectives.

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I'm in...petition signed!

Posted by: penny | Oct 10, 2003 7:39:16 PM

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