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December 29, 2003


From time to time, we have been told that our cat, Buttons, is not very nice. You be the judge...


How could something this cute be called mean?! Ok, she may have attacked a handyman (or two) and she may have a bit of a social disorder but give the chick a break...she's come a long way to now be perfectly content with being mauled and jumped on by our 9 month old son (now, before you go calling Family Services, he is always closely supervised!).

I just didn't realize how stupid she could be...this morning it sounded like there was a cat fight in our livingroom but no, it was just Buttons. Have you ever heard of a cat getting her claw stuck in her tail (not just the fur) while chasing it?! She did so this morning and it took the two of us to get her undone.

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