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December 19, 2003

Moms Interrupted

Last week I was supposed to meet Grace and Tomi for lunch. For one reason or another (but nothing to do with living on the Eastside!), Ollie and I were late...so late that they were paying the bill when we arrived. They had quite the story for me when I arrived...

Grace had a coupon (of course!) for a place called Waterpoint in Yaletown (which is now closed). They got redirected to a spiffy new grill and satay place called Glowbal. They lucked into a spectacular lunch including lamb for $10, wine and free satays (Grace somehow managed to use the Waterpoint coupon and reference towards the satays...I think Samuel must have been flirting with the waitress). They truly had a spectacular dining experience with 2 babies in strollers and in the busiest new business lunch spot in Yaletown. You don't hear that very often, nevermind finding repeat service the following week - this time with, not 2 but, 3 strollers!

Again, top notch service, excellent food and a really relaxing and comfortable atmosphere that is very hard to find with young babies in tow. That is, until we got ready to go...

The 3 kids were on their best behaviour throughout lunch but Oliver decided he just didn't want to go back into the stroller. Ken and I firmly believe in teaching him that he can't always get what he wants. We're very reasonable about it and he has always responded well to this way of thinking. He gets over his little temper tantrum very quickly and forgets all about it after a minute or two. This time, it was taking him a minute longer and although I was paying attention to him as he cried and squirmed in his stroller, I wasn't going to give in just yet.

Before I knew what was happening, a complete stranger came into the patio area from off the street (we were eating outside - under outdoor heaters) and started yelling at me for letting my baby cry. She insisted that I needed to feed him, rock him, pick him up and pay attention to him. In shock, I replied that he was just fine, he had just eaten and I was not about to pick him up just because he didn't want to be in his stroller yet. She went on and on about how she was a nurse and a mother of 4, that you can't let your baby cry like this and she thought I was a horrible mother. At that point EVERYONE came to my defence...Thea, Grace, Dave (the waiter), the hostess and the owner. The Glowbal staff were fabulous and did their best to calm the situation but she just wouldn't shut up. THEN, she pulled out her cell phone and threatened to call Family Services. I was ready to throttle the woman and I think Thea was right behind me. But Grace, Grace was amazing - very calm, very direct and able to convince the woman that I was a very good mother and that Ollie was just fine (by the way I did eventually pick him up - he stopped crying immediately, as he always does when he gets what he wants). I wish Tomi had stayed for the end - I would have loved to see her blast the woman - as only Tomi can do!

By the time the woman left, we were all convinced that she was a fruitloop - after all...she was carrying a bucket and mop - is that new in nursing these days? As we walked away, we saw that she was getting a parking ticket...hee hee hee! THEN, we met again at the corner. We were stopped, waiting for her to stop, so we could cross - at the stop sign no less - but did she? No, but a real nurse would!

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That was totally out of line, geez! I've only found myself possessed to talk to a parent about their parenting thrice before and I think it isnow sort of my personal mission... I cannot stand it when people hit their children... I don't care if people call it corporal punishment or whatever. If someone does it in front of me, in a grocery store, at a mall, anything.. I want to make the situation so incredibly uncomfortable that they think twice about it.

People make me sad, but you don't. From what I've read, you sound like an excellent mother to me =o)

Posted by: Addy | Dec 20, 2003 9:09:01 AM

Thanks for that!

The physical treatment of children is a whole other story...it absolutely breaks my heart to see a child being hit by a parent or caregiver.

Even if a child knows better, there are better ways to handle situations than with physical violence...same goes with adults against adults.

Posted by: penny | Dec 20, 2003 10:18:06 PM

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