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January 30, 2004

Singers Wanted!

I joined a community choir last year, after a friend of mine saw an ad in the Georgia Straight. We rehearse every Tuesday night, and then go to the local pub if enough people are around. Members of this choir have not only sung together, but we've also gotten drunk together, gone dancing all night together, formed bands and performed on stage together, and gone to Japan together. Yup...this is the best choir I've ever been a part of!

If you love to sing and meet new people, you should check us out:

Pacific Spirit Singers is a fun, inviting, gay-friendly, performing choir. We sing folk songs, love songs, jazz and some classical, and perform twice a year. All voices welcome.

Rehearsals meet Tuesday 7-9:15.
Starting in February 2004.

Tracey Classen
Musical Director

Our upcoming concert:
Saturday, Feb. 7th, 8 pm
Quaker Hall 1090 W. 70th Ave, West of Oak
$7. Refreshments served.

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hi my name is aforementioned. i am not a great singer when i am nervous nor am i that nbad. i ahave a "nice" voice. my current choir director isn't what i'd call the best. i really need a place where i can see myself grow vocally as well as mentally. i have a deep love for gospel . i could of course try new stuff.i am an african american that is very open minded. ilove a challenge. i have a strong personality . i will try my best to do everything that is required of me .of course iam one of those people that perform my worse when i don't feel comfortable. i willc ome rightout and say it . i am have a self esteem that is strong privately but am afraid of letting it out.i am searching for the best choir soi can find that inner voice that i could let it be heard

Posted by: jeandon bartholomew | Jan 24, 2006 8:18:10 PM

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