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February 23, 2004

Nannies on Call

We attended not one, but two parties on the weekend. I think that's a record for this year! We brought Ella to a friend's birthday party on Sunday, but on Saturday, we brought in our regular babysitters: Grandma and Uncle Dave.

Ella adores both of her sitters, and their rates are hard to beat. However, those of you who don't have family in town may want to bookmark this: Nannies on Call. I know a couple of families who have used them, and so far, they've been happy with the service.

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So, Tomi had a post over at MilkFactory that was talking about an on-call nanny service and I mentioned how one of my short-list of things to do after college is become a nanny for two years or so and that two nannying agencies had [Read More]

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I was so terribly confused a moment ago. I get most of the blog content I read via an RSS feed reader and milkfactory sits next to QueerMinneapolitan and when I see the "m" I guess I just stop looking and start reading the feed.

Now, this has caused some confusion before but this time I was picturing Andy, the barhopping, queerboi from Minneapolis as a "we" and having nannies. I was so confused I started to giggle nervously in the computer lab and then realized that I was a moron. His blog is at http://www.eleventh-avenue-south.com/

I think I need a better RSS feed reader so that things are more obvious... =)

FYI: You, Tomi, are not a 26 year old queerboi in Minneapolis.

Posted by: Addy | Feb 25, 2004 11:04:43 AM

Now you have me giggling at my desk. I was just falling asleep in front of my computer when I thought I'd better wake myself up and do something else like check the blog. No, I'm not a queerboi in Minneapolis, and I'm definitely not a 26-year-old! (tho I wish I had the energy level of one)

Posted by: tomi | Feb 25, 2004 1:50:16 PM

About the energy thing.. me too frankly. =) I should start doing pilates and yoga or something once I decide to get a kid. Maybe that way my energy level will be up to snuff.

Posted by: Addy | Feb 26, 2004 8:25:08 PM

oh, oh! I forgot to mention, one of the things folks in my family do when they graduate from college is to work as a nanny for two years or so and that's on my short list of things to do after college. I've already had two nanny agencies tell me that they don't accept applications from males. *simper*

Posted by: Addy | Feb 26, 2004 8:34:50 PM

What you need to do is start your own NannyBoi service!

Posted by: tomi | Feb 26, 2004 11:03:49 PM

hmm.. Well, I worked as a live-in nanny for a few months before going to high school and I really loved it (they let me paint my room).

"I think it's good for kids to know nannies that are male because it helps diffuse the gender-myth that women are the best care-takers, therefore it should be their duty."
--future reference

While society forces gender-myths on us, NannyBoi, Inc. can help you and your children be gender activists even while you're having a night out on the town. Call 800-NANNY-XY!

Posted by: Addy | Feb 27, 2004 9:02:17 AM

before going to college is when I did the nannying.. feel free to edit that comment above.. =)

Posted by: Addy | Feb 27, 2004 9:17:35 AM

We used the service, and we were quite happy, although it wasn't exactly what I would call cheap.

Talking about queerbois : I was doing one of my alt life activities when I ran into the babysitter from Nannies on Call at a club. This is definitetly a small town...

Posted by: Carlitos | Mar 4, 2004 5:58:38 PM

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Posted by: Jeff Anderson | Aug 2, 2005 7:54:12 AM

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