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February 15, 2004

One Fish, Two Fish, Clown Fish, Blue Fish

Today we took my nephew to the Vancouver Aquarium. Wouldn't you know, at the first tank we hit, the hunt was on..."Mom, do you see Nemo?"..."Hey! Is that Dori?" Yikes! What a phenomenon! And of course, he wasn't the only one asking the same questions. The aquarium was fun for the boys...I think even Oliver enjoyed it from his backpack view.

Having grown up on the West Coast, I remember as a child, seeing seals and sea lions, whales and sharks, and jellyfish and sea urchins, all in their natural habitats. Today, as an adult, I enjoyed seeing these creatures again but couldn't help but feel that awkward twinge of seeing wildlife in captivity...I'm always torn between what is the natural way of life for these animals and what is really a great educational environment for children that would otherwise not have an opportunity to see these wonderful creatures.

TIP: If you're thinking about making a trip on a Sunday, be sure to go shortly after opening. We arrived at exactly the right time...a very short line at the door and a little bit crowded at the tanks. When we left, just past noon, the line-up to get in was out to the parking lot...and it was raining.

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