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February 29, 2004

The Corporation

Today I went for dinner at my mom's house, and I watched about an hour of the Academy Awards. I quickly realized that I had seen only one of the movies that had been nominated for an award: Lord of the Rings. Even more shocking, go-Daddy-O had seen only two of the movies. This is a man who subscribes to Entertainment Weekly and usually makes it a point to see one or two matinees a week. Of course, that was before the baby came along.

So what was the last movie I saw? A documentary by the co-director of Manufacturing Consent titled The Corporation. I highly recommend that you see this film while it's still playing in theatres.

From the press kit:

In law, the corporation is a “person”.
But what kind of person is it?

Considering the odd legal fiction that deems a corporation a “person” in the eyes of the law, the feature documentary employs a checklist, based on actual diagnostic criteria of the World Health Organization and DSM IV, the standard tool of psychiatrists and psychologists. What emerges is a disturbing diagnosis.

Check out the trailer to get a feel for what the movie's about.

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