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March 20, 2004

Organic Chicken Soup for the Soul

These days, we try our best to buy only organic cereal, fruit, and vegetables for the baby, but we haven't been overly diligent about buying organic meat. Not that we even feed her much meat--we prefer to give her meat alternatives such as lentils or tofu. I cannot help but balk at the idea of filling Ella's brand new insides with the family packs of medicated chicken or hormone and antibiotic-injected beef that we buy for ourselves at places like Safeway or Superstore.

However, my stomach churns just as much when I look at the price of organic meat. Aye carumba! go-Daddy-O just paid a premium price ($19) for a small organic chicken at Capers. I think that the prices at Choices are comparable, but they seem have organic meat on sale more often.

So is it worth the extravagant price? According to Thomas Reid Farms (BC's first organic chicken farm), unlike free-range chickens, organic chickens are fed only organic grains, and they receive no antibiotics or medication. And organic chickens are also free-range--it is one of the requirements to be "certified organic."

Organic chicken also tastes really fresh and sweet. Roast chicken, chicken sandwiches, chicken soup...and a little peace of mind. All for the price of a nice bottle of wine or a large pizza from go-Daddy-O's favourite pizzaria. It'll be worth every penny.

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