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March 21, 2004

Circle of Friends

125 loads of laundry. 1,825 bottles of milk. 4,000+ dirty diapers. 8,760 long hours. 365 happy days.

Ken and I can't believe that Oliver's first year has gone by so quickly. Tonight, as we reflect on the year, we're feeling very lucky and very happy. Oliver is healthy, happy, smart, funny and very, very huggy! We've had a fun year and have really tried to appreciate every moment.

Oliver is our first child and I admit we've had rough spots learning about him and he about us. What I can't imagine is what this first year would have been like without our Circle of Friends there to support us. So, it seemed fitting to celebrate Oliver's first birthday with the Milk Factory gang. The kids are within two months of each other so it was really like one big birthday party for all of them.

They played with balloons, blocks, lego, cars and balls. They ate cheese quesadillas, teddy puffs and mooched Chinese food from anyone that would share. They fed each other. Hit each other. Hugged each other and of course, shared sippy cups. Some napped while some danced. It was fun all around!

And of course there was cake! A "super moist" cake!


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You've made me get all teary-eyed reading this. It was a wonderful day, and not just because of the amazing cake that you made and all of the planning that went into feeding and entertaining us. This day really did feel like a culmination of the year gone by--a year that was so full of wonder and anticipation...and promise for an even brighter future. I couldn't have asked for more.

Posted by: tomi | Mar 22, 2004 12:02:27 AM

Lets get together for a non-milk birthday party! I feel the need to shop for FABULOUS AWESOME kids stuff and celebrate!!!

Happy birthday Ollie, and way to go Penny and Ken!He's a great little kid-just like his mom and dad.

Posted by: Erin | Mar 22, 2004 4:50:12 PM

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