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March 02, 2004

Dads Who Blog

Julie at Mom in the Mirror has asked the question, "Why do you read weblogs and are there topics you prefer?" I, too, am partial to reading blogs by parents, and especially by mothers. When Ella was born, I didn't have any close female friends with young children, so I started going to the Roundhouse Community Centre infant drop-in. The rest is history. I met a fantastic group of moms and dads, and started this blog with Penny as a way to trade stories and information, and to share our lives with our friends and family.

I began reading other weblogs first out of curiosity, and then for inspiration. And now, I read them mostly for their owners' distinct and lively personalities. I tend to be more of a "lurker" than a participant on other people's sites, and rarely I leave comments. Strangely enough, despite the fact that I write for a living, I don't like to write. I usually find it to be a painfully slow endeavour.

To the contrary, go-Daddy-O writes like the wind, and I love that fact that he now shares my enthusiasm for blogging. Now, as the primary caregiver, he's the one who's going to be meeting the other moms (who are still on mat leave) for coffee, and he's the one taking Ella to the beach and the aquarium and the market. Hopefully, this means that he'll be posting to Milk Factory more often!

For his sake, I should really add more "daddy blogs" to the blogroll, especially now that Being Daddy seems to have disappeared. Thanks to Mindy for pointing me towards The Zero Boss. Funny stuff!

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ah, enjoying your blog, and glad to see that even writers find writing laborious, long winded and such. . . you are a wild one. . Tracey. I've skimmed so many of your blogblurbs i just picked this one at random to comment on. . my virgin blog comment. ah.

Posted by: Tracey | May 11, 2005 3:57:14 PM

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