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March 31, 2004

It's a Sham!

Yes, I am extremely gullible. But no, I'm not talking about the kind of pull-my-finger shenanigans that I usually fall prey to. Apparently, I've been tricked into thinking I've been married for 5 years.

go-Daddy-O recently applied for a new birth certificate (his old one was falling apart), and when it arrived in the mail, he discovered a "new" spelling for his middle name. He called the Department of Vital Statistics to report the error, only to find out that his middle name was spelled incorrectly on his old birth certificate, and that it's been misspelled on every legal document since--including our marriage certificate.

This time, go-Daddy-O, you've really outdone yourself!

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March 30, 2004

The Best Kind of Toy


How many uses can a food container have? These little freezable containers by PetitMonde come in very handy for making Oliver meals ahead of time. They fit exactly 2 tablespoons of mashed or pureed baby food and are working well for non-liquid foods in his lunchbox - he's not a big vegetable eater so they're the perfect size to store diced vegetables.

Tonight I found that Oliver had a few uses of his own. The teddy puff he threw on the floor during dinner makes a nifty sound when shaken in a cube. It balances nicely on the edge of his toy basket. Great substitute for blocks. Can entertain him for many minutes by simply opening and closing the flap. They're light enough to throw across the room and fetch back to throw again. Best of all, they're the perfect size to save a piece of grated cheese for later!

I quite like that he is easily entertained by things I find around the house.

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March 29, 2004

My Anxiety

Today go-Daddy-O was 20 minutes late picking me up after work, which is unusual, and as I was standing on the street corner, I couldn't stop myself from envisioning my husband and baby in some kind of horrible car accident. Buses and cyclists and SUVs zoom by. Where the hell are they? Breathe in, breathe out. There they are, finally.

Then when I get home, I start scratching this dry, red spot that's been on my arm for a couple of months. All of a sudden, I'm in a state of panic. Is this eczema, or the beginning of skin cancer? A Google search turns up all sorts of descriptions: multi-coloured moles, wart-like bumps, open sores. Here's one: a persistent red, scaly patch. Yup, that's exactly what I have.

I feel my anxiety welling up in my chest, and then move up my neck. I really have to write the will. And get that optional life insurance. I need to find my physiotherapy receipts and update my address on all of my bills. I need to backup the computer files and burn the baby pictures to disc. What else? Get new cheques, buy new glasses. Start a new business. Of course, all of this seems impossible, especially since I'm working all day and I'm exhausted when I get home. And we have all of this crap still sitting in boxes.

Some people drink. Some people meditate. I usually have a meltdown and cry and/or yell at my husband. So what do you do to curb your anxiety?

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March 28, 2004

Supernatural High

I did a very bad, very good thing last night.

• Chocolate Truffle Cake

• Chocolate Cheesecake

• White Chocolate Charlotte

• White Chocolate Bavaroise

• Chocolate Pecan Pie

• Chocolate Profiteroles

• Chocolate Mousse Cake

• Triple Chocolate Croissant Pudding

• Chocolate Crème Caramel

• Freshly made Brittany Crepes with an assortment of toppings to choose from

• Selection of fresh sorbet and ice-cream

• Warm velvety chocolate ganache with fresh fruit for dipping

For those who have not indulged...you must make a point to visit the Chocolate Buffet at the Sutton Place Hotel...Sinful delights await you Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays at Fleuri.

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March 27, 2004

Drop-in Delight

Before I begin...let me apologize to our daily readers for neglecting to blog on Thursday. These days, there just doesn't seem to be enough time in my day to remember even the most important of tasks!

Last weekend, Grace couldn't stop raving about the fabulous time she, Rod and Samuel had at the Saturday drop-in at the Quayside Children's Centre. Not only was it a place for Samuel to go and play with new toys and new friends, but they also served lunch for the parents. According to Grace it was really quite a spread! (Starting April, they have changed the time and reduced lunch to a snack).

We decided to check it out for ourselves, and of course, take advantage of the last lunch. Grace, Rod and Samuel came along again and a friend of Ken's met us there too. Unfortunately, we pretty much missed the lunch...someone decided to take a 2 1/2 hour nap. Still, it was a great place to go for a couple of hours. They run the program in the Toddler's room - a fully loaded play room with everything you can imagine. An indoor sand box, puzzles, paints, play dough, blocks, cars and a toddler size kitchen, just to name a few. You also have access to the private outdoor play yard. And hey, if you need to take a nap...there's a quiet room too. Although, I can't imagine anyone wanting to take a nap when there's so much to do, can you? Grace?

Quayside Children's Centre
1011 Marinaside Crescent
Every Saturday in April, May and June
10 AM to 2 PM (snack served)
Free of Charge

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March 26, 2004


Ella's favourite word these days is "uh-oh"--not quite Teletubby style, but close. (It's also what I said when I saw that Penny forgot to post something yesterday.)

While the baby doesn't watch the TV show, she has become enamoured with a Teletubbies boardbook that somebody gave us. She flips through it really quickly, so instead of reading the whole story, I usually only read the dialogue that accompanies each picture.

Tinky Winky: "Ooooh! Ball of string!
Tinky Winky: "String!"
Laa-Laa: "What's that?"
Tinky Winky: "Pull string!"
Dipsy: "Dipsy step on string! Twang!"
Laa-Laa: "Uh-oh!"
Tinky Winky: "Oh no!"
Laa-Laa and Tinky Winky: "Why string stopped?"
Dipsy: "Eh-oh!"
Tinky Winky and Laa-Laa: "Dipsy!"
Po: "Fi-dit, fi-dit!"
[Po bumps into the string and the string goes everywhere. Then the Noo-Noo, a vacuum cleaner with googly eyes and a hose for a nose, cleans up the string]
Po, Dipsy, Tinky Winky, and Laa-Laa: "Clever Noo-noo!"

Have you ever seen so many exclamation points?! The funny thing is that after reading this book over and over again, and after hearing Ella's squeals of delight, I've gotten some insight into the popularity of the show. I imagine that the Teletubbies literally speak to children. I also imagine that from watching the show, children can learn how to react to the world around them: with curiosity, with surprise, with concern, with excitement, and with appreciation. Ooooh! Clever!

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March 24, 2004

Bye Day

No controversy today. No go-Daddy-O rants. Just a great little story to share about a 14-month Ella milestone.

I was busy running as many errands as possible in an all-too-brief three hour span today, and Uncle Dave generously offered to mind "shorty" while I was out. Uncle Dave is premier uncle material and Ella just absolutely adores him. Whenever he's looking after her, she is just the happiest little camper. They play with the dog. They dance to CDs. They do the hide-and-go seek thing. They play with the dog some more. You would be hard-pressed to find Dave anywhere but crawling all over the floor with his fave niece, despite his troublesome back.

Because of the really close bond between Ella and Dave, Tomi and I have been trying for the last week to teach her how to say "Uncle Dave." Admittedly, a monumental task given that she has only ever said "hi," "bye," Mum," and "Da." She also occasionally tries to "woof" like a dog. But, then again, her "quack" when we see the ducks sounds an awful lot like her "woof." She has even strung a "Hi da" together once or twice. Impressive, indeed, but she's not exactly holding conversations yet.

I guess this is why I saw this afternoon as a watershed moment. When I was packing her up to leave Uncle Dave's house, Ella whipped her head around, gave her Uncle just the toothiest little grin, and very softly (but VERY clearly) said, "Bye Day."

Needless-to-say, I was floored. Aunty Judy was floored. And Uncle Dave? He pretty much had a heart attack right there. If she keeps this up, Ella will have Uncle Dave quite literally sweet-talked into babysitting every day of the week! He was very happy.

It was quite a moment. And on the way home, Ella kept saying "Hi Day" and "Bye Day" over and over. Practice makes perfect.

Perfect little moments like today.

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March 23, 2004


As if there isn't enough temptation at Easter time...

I was in Urban Fare this morning and saw a 3 foot tall Easter egg on display. What child on this earth needs a 3 foot tall chocolate Easter egg?!

More importantly, what adult is willing to pay $250 for a chocolate Easter egg?!

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March 22, 2004

Found a Doughnut

While I was slogging away at the office today, a couple of the Milk Factory moms were supposed to come over for a little tea party. go-Daddy-O LOVES drinking tea. And he loves all the good things that go along with tea, such as sugar cookies, butter tarts, brownies...you get the picture. It ends up that both Grace and Thea had to cancel last minute, which means that there's a whole bunch of baked goods just sitting here waiting to be eaten--possibly by someone who was working all day.

So I pull out a jelly doughnut, and put it on a dish on the counter. Mmmmm. My little treat for posting to the blog at a decent hour. And what do I find under the mousepad? go-Daddy-O has clipped an article from the Vancouver Sun titled "Low-carb diets could harm fetuses."

According to the article, bread, pasta, cereal, and orange juice are fortified with folic acid, a nutrient that helps prevent birth defects and childhood cancers. Because half of all pregnancies are unplanned, it is recommended that all women of childbearing age receive 4 micrograms of folic acid every day; however, approximately 1 in 9 adults in North America is on a low-carb diet, which means that many women are not getting this recommended daily dose.

Personally, I don't think I need to worry about my carb intake. That doughnut's fortified, right?!!

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March 21, 2004

Circle of Friends

125 loads of laundry. 1,825 bottles of milk. 4,000+ dirty diapers. 8,760 long hours. 365 happy days.

Ken and I can't believe that Oliver's first year has gone by so quickly. Tonight, as we reflect on the year, we're feeling very lucky and very happy. Oliver is healthy, happy, smart, funny and very, very huggy! We've had a fun year and have really tried to appreciate every moment.

Oliver is our first child and I admit we've had rough spots learning about him and he about us. What I can't imagine is what this first year would have been like without our Circle of Friends there to support us. So, it seemed fitting to celebrate Oliver's first birthday with the Milk Factory gang. The kids are within two months of each other so it was really like one big birthday party for all of them.

They played with balloons, blocks, lego, cars and balls. They ate cheese quesadillas, teddy puffs and mooched Chinese food from anyone that would share. They fed each other. Hit each other. Hugged each other and of course, shared sippy cups. Some napped while some danced. It was fun all around!

And of course there was cake! A "super moist" cake!


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