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March 19, 2004

My Head Is...

empty, vacant, blank, void, vacuous, bare, barren...

These adjectives mean without contents that could or should be present.

Empty applies to what is wholly lacking contents or substance: an empty room; empty promises.

Vacant refers to what is without an occupant or incumbent, or to what is without intelligence or thought: a vacant auditorium; a vacant stare.

Blank stresses the absence of something, especially on a surface, that would convey meaning or content: blank pages.

Void applies to what is free from or completely destitute of discernible content: gibberish void of all meaning.

Vacuous describes what is as devoid of substance as a vacuum is: led a vacuous life.

Something that is bare lacks surface covering (a bare head) or detail (the bare facts); the word also denotes the condition of being stripped of contents or furnishings: a bare closet.

Barren literally and figuratively stresses lack of productivity: barren land; writing barren of insight.

Source: bartelby.com

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