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March 30, 2004

The Best Kind of Toy


How many uses can a food container have? These little freezable containers by PetitMonde come in very handy for making Oliver meals ahead of time. They fit exactly 2 tablespoons of mashed or pureed baby food and are working well for non-liquid foods in his lunchbox - he's not a big vegetable eater so they're the perfect size to store diced vegetables.

Tonight I found that Oliver had a few uses of his own. The teddy puff he threw on the floor during dinner makes a nifty sound when shaken in a cube. It balances nicely on the edge of his toy basket. Great substitute for blocks. Can entertain him for many minutes by simply opening and closing the flap. They're light enough to throw across the room and fetch back to throw again. Best of all, they're the perfect size to save a piece of grated cheese for later!

I quite like that he is easily entertained by things I find around the house.

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Ella is highly entertained by these cubes as well. She likes to open the flap, put a piece of food inside, and close the flap...and then open it again and eat the food. No storing things for later.

My only complaint is that these cubes eventually crack, and sometimes the lids don't fit properly.

Posted by: Tomi | Mar 30, 2004 10:53:37 PM

so i will take that as oliver doesn't need any new toys as he does just fine with rubbermaid....oh oliver :o)

Posted by: Tricia | Mar 31, 2004 1:02:44 PM

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