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March 07, 2004

Tiny 'n Tuff


Tiny and tough is what Oliver is all about. Ok, maybe he's not so tiny anymore. But he's got tough down to an art. He chews. He bangs. He throws. Plastic. Foam. Shoes. Rubber dog bone. Stainless steel freezer door handle. Doesn't matter. If the toys aren't tough enough to withstand his abuse, they get tossed.

Oliver is a very lucky and spoiled little boy. He's got a bit of everything. THEN, he's got bath toys. Now, he's got A LOT of bath toys. The latest, is this great set of bath boats by Mega Bloks. With bathtime being a favorite daily activity, you can never have too many bath toys.

Mega Bloks are great because the pieces are interchangeable with themselves and the regular Mega Bloks that he already has. They're small enough that he can get a good grip, but large enough that he can't swallow them. In a pinch, the single blok will even do as a soother.

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