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May 27, 2004

Guilt Schmilt!

I think someone needs to look a little deeper into his guilt pocket!

If go-Daddy-O truly felt guilty about the excessive amounts of sleep he got, don't you think he could offer up a bit more than a DONUT?!

But then again, it is a Lee's donut...and they are awfully tasty!

Back to the point of my comment-turned-blog...

A truly guilty person should foresee that pointing out (in great detail, I might add) just how well his happy little energizer baby sleeps (and eats) is like waving an ice cream cone in front of a child and then dropping it into a mud puddle.

How about telling us an up-all-night-slept-on-the-couch-so-my-child-could-stay-upright-while-sleeping story. Or maybe, just once, tell us that his little angel, at 16 months of age, already has a temper equivalent to that of a two year old. The odd tale of a few missed meals because she was so miserable with her new teeth coming in wouldn't hurt either.

Does he really think that one blog about the guilt he feels makes up for the fact that his child still gets 4 to 6 hours more sleep than some others? And that he benefits directly from this and other parents don't?

I realize that I will have provoked a recanting of the donut offer but given the fact that I was typing this long into this early morning, after a long day at work and after an even longer previous evening (and forgot to publish it until just now), I believe go-Daddy-O will still have the heart to share more of his donuts and "just like the other sleep deprived parents" stories.

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No donuts for you! And no soup for you, either! Glad to see the sleep deprivation isn't having a negative impact on your sense of humour.

It's now 11:47pm. Hope you're all sound asleep and in bed. Really. I do. There, now I'm feeling guilty again.

Posted by: go-Daddy-O | May 27, 2004 11:47:50 PM

You'll never guess who slept through the night last night!? Granted he didn't go to bed until almost 10:30 but he slept until 7:30 (a whopping 9 hours straight!)

And, as a matter of fact, I was asleep before 11:30 (a big thank you to Ken for dismissing me from garbage duty!) and slept soundly for the first time since Japan!

Oh, did I mention I had a donut for breakfast this morning?

Posted by: penny | May 28, 2004 9:28:24 AM

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