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August 26, 2004

Close Encounters

I took Ella to the library today, where we nearly got into an altercation with another toddler.

It began with a toy: one of those old-style View-Masters with a Snow White reel. She found it on one of the shelves (it belongs to the library), and was squealing with delight as she looked at the images through the viewer.

Then along came another child. She must have been around 2 years old. She wanted to look through the view finder as well, so without prompting, Ella gave up the toy. So this other child started looking at the pictures, and then she stopped, and just stood there, staring in silence--not using the toy, and not giving it back.

Of course, this drove Ella crazy. "Mine! Mine!"

She reached for the toy, but the other child held it out of her reach. I asked the child if she'd share, but I don't expect a 2-year-old to know how to share, and I really didn't want to snatch the toy away from her.

So I removed Ella from the situation, before anything bad happened. There she was, kicking, crying, and throwing her head back. She had a full on tantrum in the middle of the library. Still, that was better than letting the situation escalate into a full on biting or hitting incident.

A toddler having a temper tantrum. No surprise there. But I was surprised by the fact that the parent of the other child did absolutely nothing. She saw what was happening from across the room, and then turned her head and went back to browsing the bookshelves.

When I walked away with Ella, the other child was just standing there, alone and expressionless. It was a bit eerie. And completely alien to me. I don't think I've ever left my child alone like that in a public place. I don't think I ever will.

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August 22, 2004

Go Bananas

Rainy day blues? Kids driving you nuts, begging to go outside and play? Check out Go Bananas at Capilano Mall in North Vancouver.


Go Bananas Playcentres offer a fun, safe, and affordable indoor play facility for children 10 and under. The multi-level jungle playgrounds feature ropes, trolleys, cargo climbs and tube slides. There are 4 locations in the Lower Mainland (North Vancouver, 604-982-0576; Richmond, 604-204-0576; Surrey, 604-588-7529; Langley, 604-514-7529).

If you're really lucky, you'll get a 2 hour nap post-play!

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August 16, 2004

IKEA coupon

More deals!!

IKEA has a $20 coupon that you can use if you purchase $150 or more. It's good until September 6.

Thanks to RedFlagDeals.com, and to Penny for passing the info along.

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August 12, 2004

Buying a BBQ

It has a large cooking area and a side burner, a porcelain-coated cast-iron grid, a rotisserie, and an electronic ignition. And the best part is, it's on sale for half price--a regular $600 BBQ for $300.

So I order the BBQ from Deals.Outlet.ca, thinking that I am being so smart. A top of the line Fiesta BBQ. Made in Brampton, Ontario.

Obviously, this deal was too good to be true. I was online the other day, checking out the latest news on RedFlagDeals.com, and I came across a thread with this comment:

Fiesta barbecues self destruct.


Nonetheless, I think we may end up getting this BBQ, since buying a really nice one with the same features would cost at least twice as much, and people keep telling me that every BBQ will eventually fall apart or rust out. The customer service for replacement parts is supposed to be excellent, and there's a 5-year warranty on the burner, so if it self-destructs, we can get a new one. Basically, we can build a new BBQ every couple of years!

Maybe I'm rationalizing. Or maybe I'm just trying to get on go-Daddy-O's good side--he hates it when I buy things, change my mind, and then return them.

But if anyone out there has had any horrible experiences with a Fiesta BBQ, please let me know ASAP. We're supposed to pick ours up this week, and according to go-Daddy-O, once the box is in the car, there's no turning back.

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August 09, 2004

The Breeder's Cup

Ever wished you could participate in one of those crazy reality TV shows? Well, now there's "Reality Radio"!?!?

Check out Z95.3 and sign up for The Breeder's Cup...you could win a grand prize:

worth over $8,000, including, a $2,500 Education Fund from Baby Fair, a nursery from Baby’s World, a Sony digital camcorder and digital camera from Best Buy, and, children’s clothes and accessories from the Bay Vancouver Downtown Gift Registry!

Tempting, but I think we'll stick to the old fashion way when it comes time to try for #2!

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August 04, 2004

Sweet Obsessions


Are toddlers always such creatures of habit? Now that I'm home with Ella during the week, I'm re-discovering all the little things that she does. Over and over again.

It begins with reading books in bed--every boardbook on the nightstand must be retrieved. No exceptions. This week, she wants to hear the Bernstein Bears' Old Hat, New Hat two if not three times. "More, more!" she pleads.

If it's playtime, then all of the Megablocks need to be dumped on the floor. We start with the base, and then build from there. She never tires of this.

When we go outside, she insists on travelling along the same route. Down the path to the old wooden adventure playground, over to the metal steering wheel. "Beep beep!" Then she runs over and pulls at my leg. "Mama." She wants me to sit beside her while she turns the wheel. I'm putty in her small hands.

And at night, just before bed, we put away the blocks. "Clean up" she chants, in her high-pitched voice. Downstairs, she gets ready for bed, and then she asks for her milk. When she's done, I lift her up, hold her tight, and carry her to her crib. Blanket. Bunny. Kiss on the forehead.

I suppose that after a while this routine could become tedious, but right now I'm cherishing every moment...and loving the fact that many of these moments will come again tomorrow.

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August 02, 2004

Change is Good

It's funny how, when you make a big change in your life, it can take a little time for the reality of it all to set in.

Leaving home for the first time - ok, maybe a bad example, since it only took until the first meal I cooked for myself to remember that even Mr. Noodles aren't the same unless Mom made them.

The first real job interview, the one you got on your merit - it would be so much easier if someone would just hand over a job, ANY job.

Finding your one true love...the marriage proposal - it was so worth waiting for...pinch me!

Buying your first house - you ask yourself daily, "are we really negative half millionaires?"

And the whole pregnant-and-having-a-baby thing still has me baffled - and it's been 16 months since Oliver was born.

This latest change, quitting my job of 8 years, has me more than a little stunned. Given the passion that is driving our new venture, the amazing support we have from our husbands, family, friends and future customers, I know our business will do very well. And yet, I have this nagging feeling that I can't quite describe. I get this "fear of unknown" combined with an adrenaline rush feeling everytime I think about what tomorrow might bring. Hurry up, tomorrow, you can't come soon enough!

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