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September 18, 2004

Milk Factory Storefront

Penny and I are taking a blogging hiatus since we are busy starting up our new business.

Visit our Milk Factory website: www.milkfactory.com to see what we've been up to.

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September 07, 2004

Little Miss Lots of Words

Well it's back to school for go-Daddy-O, which means that Ella's back in daycare 3 days a week. After watching Ella chattering non-stop today, one of the daycare workers started calling her "Little Miss Lots of Words"...which has prompted me to stop and think of all the things she's saying at 19 months.

Not surprisingly, most of her words are food-related--fish (Pepperidge Farm's Goldfish), O's, bowl, water, milk. These are usually preceded by the all-time-favourite "MORE" and on occasion followed by a "please" or a signed "thank-you".

Other words: shadow, bopo (pillow), some jumbled version of bunny/rabbit, duck, bear, stuck, bath, Na-Na (= Elmo = TV), walk. She's also obsessed with singing "Happy Birthday" and the Alphabet Song. And her favourite number is 2.

What else? She can match colours, but she calls every colour "blue". She names animals by the sound they make. She answers questions with "Ya/Da" or a vehement "NO!" And her proclamations of "My Daddy" and "My bopo" indicate that she understands the possessive.

But most of the time, it just sounds like she's experimenting with the language. She sings to herself in her crib. She babbles like a Teletubby in the back seat. Somehow, though, she always manages to make herself perfectly clear to us.

>>She points to the birthday cake, and shouts "MORE HAPPY!"

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September 03, 2004


The countdown is on! Only 2 more weeks until we launch the Milk Factory product line at the Baby Fair. This is when it gets exciting! We are literally beginning to see piles of our product appear before our eyes.

To say that we still have a few things left to do is an understatement. Just when we think we have one thing under control, something else pops up. Today, we hit the factory floor and joined the worker bees. Our task...apply heat transfer labels to fabric...NOT an easy task! We peeled and ironed and re-ironed. We found some defective pieces and created some of our own. We learned about the intricacies of colored fabric and its ability to repel the adhering properties of a heat transfer label. Who knew!?

At one point, I looked over at the woman working beside me. She was using the big, fancy heat press and zipping through five pieces at once while I used a plain old household iron and my own body weight to press one by one. As a Mom, I've heard of Stroller Envy but never thought I'd ever be faced with Iron Envy!

More than anything, Tomi and I are very excited about finally being able to share our products with our friends, family and fellow Moms & Dads!

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