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November 04, 2004


We're placing a Milk Factory ad in this Sunday's Vancouver Courier, in a special section called Urban Families. All I can say is this: ads are expensive!

So do they really work? Possible not, especially if the ad is a tiny black and white sqare that is smaller than a business card. However, maybe if the ad has a festive green background and a red Santa hat...

One thing I can't believe is that this year, I'm going to be part of the big, bad holiday Christmas shopping propoganda machine. When I was 15, my first real job was to refill the Hallmark counter at a stationery store. Along with every holiday came boxes and boxes of paper products. Father's Day cards for your sister-in-law's brother. The day-after-Halloween Christmas cards. Aaargh.

I swore that I would never buy into the mass consumerism mentality. What happened?!

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You need money. Sometimes certain principles don't match up with that.

Posted by: Derek | Nov 5, 2004 9:15:47 AM

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