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November 30, 2004


You know it's winter when...

You have to dress your child from head to toe in fleece and waterproof rain gear so that she can go to daycare and play in the SNOW with all of the other sick kids. Those SFU daycare workers have never seen so many cold, runny noses!

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November 22, 2004

Warm Fuzzies

Just wanted to send out a big, warm "Thank you" to Rachel at Milkbreath and Me and Jenny at Three Kid Circus for supporting our new business.

Some milestones to remember from these last couple of weeks:

-our first cross-border web sale (and our first experience dealing with NAFTA policies)

-our first wholesale order (actually our first two orders), placed by local retail stores Luna Winters on W. Broadway, and Little Blessings on Cambie.

-our first car theft (let us know if you see anyone trying to sell Milk Factory product out of the back of a van)

We're taking both the good and the bad in stride. And let me tell you, it's tiring!

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November 21, 2004

What Parade?

We took Oliver downtown to see the Santa Claus Parade this morning.  Admittedly, we left a little late, but it was definitely a smart choice to take the SkyTrain.  Oliver LOVED the train and I loved that it only took a few minutes each way.  The stations accommodate strollers and wheelchairs, just not more than one or two at a time.  The Burrard Station was very disappointing.

We rolled up a few blocks to try see some resemblance of a parade...nothing but bodies.  We decided it wasn't worth hanging around for the crowd to leave so we booted it down to Waterfront to beat the crowds...very good move.  We were told they were expecting 170,000 people just through the SkyTrain system alone.  It seems that we would have had a better view of the parade from our sofa!

It was nice to be out in the crisp cool air...gave me a chance to bundle Oliver up in some snazzy Milk Factory products and his new space age snow boots that make him walk like a robot!

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November 18, 2004

Langley Annual Toy and Product Fair

Yesterday, Penny and I drove out to the burbs to sell our wares at the Langley Child Development Centre's Annual Toy and Product Fair. I knew that something was different when one of the organizers helped us carry our boxes to our table...

What's this? Free coffee and snacks. A supervised play area with a whole bunch of toys and live entertainment. Big smiles and words of encouragement from parents and other vendors. One of our customers actually had tears in her eyes after we told her our story--how we met during mat leave, quit our jobs, and started the business.

Really nice folks in Langley. We'll see you again next year!   

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November 11, 2004

Too Much Fun

Today was a special day for the Circle of Friends.  The group of five, now toddlers, met up at the Vancouver Aquarium, for an afternoon of fun.  This was the first time in many, many months that the kids have all been together.  One would think that at least one of the five Moms would have had a camera on hand!

There was an extended visit at the shark tank, a hunt for the notorious Nemo, Beluga watching, making of "jellyfish" (paper plates, pipe cleaners and shredded paper - again, no camera), an obnoxious barking walrus, Beluga watching, spilled macaroni and veggie burgers, and of course, Goldfish snacks at, where else, the Beluga pool.  Not to mention that one of the staff feeding the Belugas took a very unexpected dip in the pool - again, no camera.

Much fun was had by all...so much so, that one little boy didn't make it out of the parking lot before nodding off to sleep.

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November 09, 2004


Every night before we put E. into her crib, we read books and then give her a bottle in our bed. We cherish this routine, and obviously, so does she.

It began innocently enough. She would get to the end of her bottle, and instead of handing it over to me (or banging me over the head with it), she'd keep sucking until she got every last drop. Yup, this girl loves her dairy products.

There I was, my arm around her, patiently waiting, drifting off...and then it dawned on me. When I looked over, she turned her head, flashed a smile, and then went back to "drinking" her bottle. "I've been tricked! By a 12-month-old!"

After I exposed her, the fake drinking didn't last for long. But now, at 21-months of age, she's got a whole new bag of tricks up her sleeper. As soon as she finishes her bottle, she flops onto my pillow, stretches out her arms, and makes her plea: "Snuggle. Mama."

We lie in bed, cheek-to-cheek, and I wrap my arms around her. "Ok, baby. We can snuggle. But just...for a few... m-i-n-u-t-e-s...zzzzz"      

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November 07, 2004

Lonsdale Quay

Here's a great place to bring a toddler on a rainy day: http://www.lonsdalequay.com/

Wide aisles, lots of tables, food galore, a ball room (for kids ages 3+), an outdoor fountain with a view of the city...and FREE parking on the weekend (in the ICBC parkade). Can't get much better than that!

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November 05, 2004

Granny and Kitty

So after all of my anti-consumerism grumbling, here I am posting a pic from Halloween. Greedy kids with no costumes (who want candy AND who are throwing firecrackers at pedestrians) aside, I have to admit that Halloween is starting to grow on me, especially when I receive pics like this.


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November 04, 2004


We're placing a Milk Factory ad in this Sunday's Vancouver Courier, in a special section called Urban Families. All I can say is this: ads are expensive!

So do they really work? Possible not, especially if the ad is a tiny black and white sqare that is smaller than a business card. However, maybe if the ad has a festive green background and a red Santa hat...

One thing I can't believe is that this year, I'm going to be part of the big, bad holiday Christmas shopping propoganda machine. When I was 15, my first real job was to refill the Hallmark counter at a stationery store. Along with every holiday came boxes and boxes of paper products. Father's Day cards for your sister-in-law's brother. The day-after-Halloween Christmas cards. Aaargh.

I swore that I would never buy into the mass consumerism mentality. What happened?!

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Business blog

Now that we're out in the world promoting ourselves, we've landed on quite a few mailing lists. So we've been getting quite a bit of email for other online businesses...however, this is the first one I've seen in my inboxes that has a daily blog!

Of course, I am now reminded that 1) we haven't been posting to the Milk Factory blog regularly. And 2) we haven't yet linked our business site to our blog.

So most likely, there will be some changes happening on the Milk Factory blog, and we'll be writing more often about our so-called "new baby".

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