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November 21, 2004

What Parade?

We took Oliver downtown to see the Santa Claus Parade this morning.  Admittedly, we left a little late, but it was definitely a smart choice to take the SkyTrain.  Oliver LOVED the train and I loved that it only took a few minutes each way.  The stations accommodate strollers and wheelchairs, just not more than one or two at a time.  The Burrard Station was very disappointing.

We rolled up a few blocks to try see some resemblance of a parade...nothing but bodies.  We decided it wasn't worth hanging around for the crowd to leave so we booted it down to Waterfront to beat the crowds...very good move.  We were told they were expecting 170,000 people just through the SkyTrain system alone.  It seems that we would have had a better view of the parade from our sofa!

It was nice to be out in the crisp cool air...gave me a chance to bundle Oliver up in some snazzy Milk Factory products and his new space age snow boots that make him walk like a robot!

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hey super mom would you happen to have a picture of my cute little space nephew i am trying to picture in my mind.... ?

Posted by: tricia | Nov 22, 2004 8:46:19 AM

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