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December 19, 2004

'Tis the Season


Ho! Ho! Ho! and all that jazz...

This 2.5 foot portion of our Christmas tree is our first attempt at partaking in holiday festivities.  The remaining 4.5 feet are intentionally bare so that a certain someone keeps his distance.  So far, it's not really made much difference.  However, compared to the cat (who deserves to choke on the green plastic needles), our 21 month old monkey is doing very well at keeping his mitts off the shiny trinkets.  And, since he doesn't get the whole gift-getting ritual yet, the bare floor at the foot of the tree is perfect for sliding under!

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December 14, 2004

Urban Baby and Toddler


Almost famous??

Our Milk Factory gear is being featured in Urban Baby & Toddler Magazine's Winter edition--in the Eureka! section.  This magazine is a great resource for Vancouver parents...you can find it at the library, community centres, and various kids' stores.

Plus, the super cute photo on the cover was taken by Lori at Sweet Pea Photography. Last year, as a special gift, we received a photo package with Lori. We finally got organized, and booked her for a morning in Nov. Lori was amazing with E, the outside photo session was a breeze, and when go-Daddy-O picked up the proofs and saw all of the gorgeous pictures, he actually burst into tears.

Check out her site. More gorgeous photos--some of the pics brought tears to my eyes, and those aren't even my kids!

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December 07, 2004

Northern Voice Weblogging Conference

A reminder to myself to sign up for this Vancouver weblogging conference--so that I can meet some fellow bloggers in person (or rather, "in meatspace"????) and be inspired to build a better blog.

Some potential topics include:

Anonymity and Weblogs – Public vs. Private
Blogging Blahs – Pitfalls of Your Weblog
Blogging in Academia
Blogging Tools
Blogs and Social Software
Building Traffic for Your Blog

And these are just the topics that begin with the letters "A" and "B"!

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December 06, 2004

Internal Clock

Lately, I've noticed that (FINALLY!) Oliver has started to go to bed more easily, sleep longer throughout the night and at daycare - sometimes he's the last to wake after a 3 hour nap.  Given this, one would think that this would mean more sleep for Mom.  I say MOM because DAD doesn't have a sleep issue...would you if you slept like a log through, at times, hours of a screaming child?  Unfortunately, my internal clock seems to be stuck on 5:30 am.  Who do I blame?  My child, my husband or my parents (habitually horrible sleepers)?

Tonight, in the middle of his bath, Oliver jumped up and started dancing and singing his rendition of "Dudley the Dragon", an odd little show with a big green dragon puppet, found on the Treehouse channel.  I couldn't help but laugh at my naked child dancing away in the tub, until it occured to me that the TV wasn't on.  I looked at the clock...8:00 on the dot...???  How is that possible?  Here, the answer is simple...he is his father's son, through and through!

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