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February 26, 2005

We've got a bleeder!

Yes, those were the alarming words of the daycare workers who were ushering Ella and her mates on their daily walk. The kids had just spent a few minutes watching a 2-month old Dachshund frolicking in a shallow pond when the alarm sounded. One escort happened to look down at one of her charges: BLOOD! But no open wound? More blood on the next kid, but smiles too. At that point, there was a quick check of all the kids in the walking line. Bits of blood on coats, pants, hands. But still lots of smiles and inquisitive looks. A distinctive trail that led to.........you guessed it.


Finger bleeding pretty good. Jacket and pants red. And with all of the sudden fuss, she started crying at that point. No idea how she sliced her finger. Or when she managed to touch almost everyone else. Of course, she was fine. They cleaned out the wound and we've been giving her cartoon covered Band-Aids to make the recovery as speedy as possible.

And judging by the way she was digging for that booger this afternoon, I suspect that she has already regained full mobility in the digit.

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February 24, 2005

No-So-Terrible Two's

E. has always had a special way of doing things, and she thinks that she's HILARIOUS..and most of the time she is.

Here's a sampling of E. as a two-year-old:

  • brings me tea and toast (from her mini breakfast set), and a piece of onion every morning and serves it to me in bed
  • yells "telephone" at the top of her lungs when the phone is ringing, "ant" when she sees one crawling across our floor, "echo" whenever we go down the stairs to the parkade, and "blue BUS!!!" all the way to SFU and back
  • dogpiles anyone who is sitting on the sofa and looks remotely sleepy
  • sings the ABC song all the way through AND plays the piano at the same time
  • takes my face in her hands, and pretends that she's going to give me a tender kiss on the cheek, and then licks me

On the not-so-funny side, she's having some security issues right now, and her crib is getting pretty crowded. Her red fleece blankie with her favourite tag, Pickles (her yellow velour blankie), baby, and Jasper the bear all keep her company at night. She's afraid of the dark, and will wake us up screaming and begging us to turn the hall light on.

But when she's sleeping peacefully, she still looks like an angel, and she still breaks my heart every day. Small fingers touching my face, "Poor Mommy" when I bang my head on the cupboard door, "What doin' Daddy?" and "Up me, up me" in such a high-pitched voice that you'd expect all of the neighbourhood dogs to come running.

I hold her close and smell her hair. She beeps my nose and grins. Go-Daddy-O says that her eyes smile, just like mine, and I am thankful for that, and so much more.   

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February 15, 2005

Cross Over

Well this is a problem...

These days, it's hard enough for us to keep our personal blog updated, and now, we have a DAILY business blog. Inevitably, there will be some cross-over.

Our personal blog will focus on our favourite topic: our kids. Our business blog will focus on our other favourite topic: us, as working moms/small business owners. 

These two things are hard to separate though, especially when the kids are part of our working day, or in Penny's case, when child #2 is still in the womb.

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February 11, 2005

Win Great Milk Factory Gear!

We're approaching the 5 month mark as a new Vancouver business. This year, as well as running Milk Factory, we're going to be  chasing after our two-year-olds at neighbourhood parks, beaches, and playgrounds, and taking part in all kinds of family activities and community events.

For the Milk Factory moms, this year will be all about finding a balance between work and play. To keep track of our progress, we've started a daily business blog.

On our blog, we'll tell you about fun activities for kids (indoor and outdoor), offer tips on family health and wellness, and  give you a peek at what's happening behind factory doors.

We'll also have contests, prize draws, and weekly "blog-only" specials. Come visit us now, and see how you can win a Deluxe Sherpa Blanket--the ultimate nap-inducing blanket/throw/playmat.


Penny & Tomi

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February 10, 2005

Happy Hana Update

Go-Daddy-O regularly emails Hana updates to Gabi's close friends and family. I thought I'd post the latest one here so that it's in our archives:

She [Hana] is now out of her incubator and in a crib. We were there to see her tonight and she looked like she was sleeping quite comfortably (especially considering the added noise of being outside the muffled confines of her incubator).

Her weight is still going up--she gained another 60 grams today. Everything seems to be moving in the right direction.

At 2lbs 8oz+, she has doubled her birth weight. Happy (belated) 1 month birthday, Hana!

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February 07, 2005

The Power of Observation

Oliver is almost 2 and chatting non-stop these days.  He's mimicking us and others (including the TV) more and more.  Utterings of "bad dude", "precisely", and "I'm not going" really should prepare me for the odd "big mommy" amidst a sloppy rendition of the alphabet.

Now, giving the wee one the benefit of the doubt, I have decided that he has simply noticed the beach ball under my sweater which we fondly refer to as "the baby".  To date, Oliver really hasn't paid much attention when we try to prepare him...especially when I yelp in pain as he digs in an elbow to support himself as he's getting into a comfy position.  Boy is he in for a big surprise...

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February 03, 2005

The Other Daddy

It was Ella's 2nd birthday on the weekend, and in addition to eating lots of chocolate cake and getting some great toys and other gifts, she received a wonderful painting from our friend Michael--Ella's "other Daddy".

A while ago, E. started calling me by my first name, which I found to be a little disturbing--I didn't think she'd be calling me by name until she was a rebellious teenager! So now when she calls me "Mommy", go-Daddy prompts her with "What's Mommy's OTHER name?"

Usually, my name comes out as "Nomi" or "Domi" and go-Daddy-O has a good laugh...until I started asking E. what Daddy's other name was.

"Michael" she yells, with a big grin on her face.

The look on go-Daddy-O's face: priceless.    

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