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April 10, 2005

Baby-Friendly Brunch

I've been waiting for go-Daddy-O to post something, but since he's in the middle of marking hell, I'll jump in with a story.

Seems like everyone these days is having a baby and/or buying a house. Last week, we were invited to our friends' place for a celebratory brunch. They have just bought and refurbished a beautiful post-and-beam in Horseshoe Bay. Beautiful, but not exactly baby-friendly. In addition, they just adopted a 220 lb English mastiff "puppy" named Baily.

In order to convince go-Daddy-O that this puppy doesn't pose a danger to anyone--including our plump, sweet-smelling toddler--our friends invited us over, along with another couple with a newborn.

Everything was perfect: we had organic coffee, fresh pineapple and strawberries, bagels, muffins, breakfast bratwurst, and crab casserole. I was sitting on a loungechair holding the newborn, and go-Daddy-O was playing ball with Ella in another room.    

Then I heard it. WOOF!!!

Baily saw the ball, and thinking that it was playtime, wanted to express her pleasure. Startled by the deep bark, Ella first started wailing, then she started coughing, and then suddenly, there were bits of muffin and strawberry and crab all over Ella's dress and all down go-Daddy-O's favourite wool sweater.

Poor kid. Poor dog. I don't know who was more scared! Fortunately, the only person who was left scarred by the incident was go-Daddy-O. He just tried on his sweater, only to discover that it no longer fits...he shrunk it in the dryer. Poor Daddy!

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