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May 28, 2005

Baby Hana Sleepin' over

What a great week we had! Baby Hana was here for 3 days/nights and really made an impression on her extended family. Her future body guard Ella loved having the extended sleepover and wanted to help with everything (diapers, dressing, feeding, burping) and share everything (her books, her toys, her Dad's belly, her kisses, and her germs).



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Admittedly, we were a little exhausted after night #1--it was quite a shock to the system to go back to the staggered sleeping patterns. But we got a good sense of Hana's rhythms by Day 2, so things were smooth sailing after that. By Day 3, go-Daddy-O was having 3-hour afternoon naps on the sofa with Hana. Ok, admittedly that's really just an hour more than I usually nap (without Hana) anyway--so maybe it was more Hana getting used to our rhythms.

A tiring, but very inspiring few days. It's made us more sure that we want another child. It's convinced us that we're so lucky to have Hana in our lives. And it has reminded us that we are so very lucky to be able to share in Ella's life as she grows.

I get exhausted in a different way when I think about my future relationship with sweet little Hana. I want to be there to share in every little happiness and achievement. I want to see her learn, grow, live, and love. But in all that happiness, I'm always going to feel this heart-wrenching sadness and guilt because her mom can't be here, too. Gabi would have wanted to see every single one of Hana's smiles these past few days.  I will at least make sure Hana knows that.

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I just can't get over the difference in size between a toddler and not-quite-newborn. They look so cute and comfy together!

Posted by: Deirdre | Jun 2, 2005 9:05:47 PM

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