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May 05, 2005

Little Muffin

Guess who would LOVE to have a little sister?

Sister1 Sister2

Ella's gotten into the habit of pointing to everyone's belly and proclaiming that there's a baby inside. This can get a little embarrassing at times...don't take it personally!

Yes, she is absolutely fascinated with babies, and wants to touch their hair and hold them. Sometimes she'll put her face so close to baby Hana's that we're afraid she'll drool right into the baby's mouth. Yuck.

Her first description of her little friend:

Go for walk with Bob and Ruth. See baby Hana. Eyes open. Head moving like this (moves her head back and forth). Tiny hands. Tiny feet. Muffin.

Ella's daycare providers thought that it was so sweet that Ella was calling the baby "Muffin", but of course, she was referring to the freshly baked treat that she ate after we returned from our walk.

That's our little girl for you! When the time comes (no, we're NOT pregnant), I think she'll be a wonderful big sister and take care of all of her new sibling's baked good needs. 

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