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May 02, 2005

Mr. Bubbles

We are SO loving our kids these days.  In particular, Oliver has sparked a new found love in Ken and I with his incredibly adorable and typical-of-a-two-year-old antics.

Yesterday, Oliver successfully completed a 2 minute Trouble Spot session (a slightly modified version of the SuperNanny's Naughty Spot) in response to a hitting match between he and me--that is he hitting me.  Immediately upon hearing the timer's "beep", he stood up from the stool and waited for me to come back into the room.  We had our chat and a big hug and he was off.  Since then, "Nooooo trouble!"

This morning, he trotted up to Theodore, who was sitting quietly in his bouncy chair staring up at the kitchen ceiling lights, and said "I yuh (love) you so much Feeadore!  Soooo much!"  I thought Ken was going to burst into tears on the spot--proud Daddy he is!

Tonight...need I say more?


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He is adorable. I love that picture.

Posted by: sharbean | May 4, 2005 9:09:41 AM

What a lovely smile he has. He clearly loves his bath!

Posted by: Ann D | May 8, 2005 5:11:47 PM

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