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June 09, 2005

A Good Eater

Everyone in our immediate social circle knows that Ella takes after my side of the family, and that she loves to eat.

Well, the other day, a whole crowd of people who we don't see very often got to see "the good eater" in action...and the scene was captured on film. Click to see photo.

We were at a potluck dinner for a friend who happens to be marrying a CBC food critic, so everyone showed up with loads of fantastic food. Ella got to choose from a variety of dishes. And she tried everything...even anchovies! Shrimp, salmon, eggs, olives, cheese, chicken, procuitto, mushrooms, asparagus, cheesecake, fresh fruit. The only things that she didn't like were the marinated artichoke hearts and the gherkin pickles.

Needless to say, we changed a couple of really full diapers that night, and didn't have to engage in any battles over which shirt she wanted to sleep in. Pajamas, milk, and then straight to bed--with dreams of fudge brownies dancing in her head!  

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