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June 27, 2005

Baby Burrito

We are now at the end of Day 7 with our favourite little houseguest: Hana.  Those of you who read Milk Factory regularly will know who this sweetie is. We've all loved having her here--especially Ella, who has adopted a very big sisterly attitude.

The big news from this week, though, is that a nickname for Hana has finally emerged for us thanks, in large part, to Hana's nannies. Tomi recently wrote about the snug blanket-wrapping technique that seems to calm her right down. This has led us to the inevitable, very affectionate label: Baby Burrito (see picture). This is perfect for so many reasons, not the least of which is the fact that Hana's mother Gabi loved Mexican food. Gabi and I spent many evenings over the years eating garlic prawns, chicken fajitas, bean burritos, and my favourite........little burrito's fried cousin: the chimichanga.


So lately, checking on the Little Burrito has been our favourite activity. Snuggled up, she's the happiest wee baby around. So for Bob, Raisin will always be his special code name for Hana. For others it's the inevitable rhyming with a certain yellow fruit. And I'm sure I heard Hana's Oma whispering a little German in her ear, no doubt trying out yet another nickname.

For Tomi and me, I have no doubt that Burrito will stick for awhile. Inevitably, though, I'm sure to settle on Chimi as she grows. It will remind me of how sweet Hana always looked when she was wrapped-up and sleeping in our livingroom. And it will be a constant reminder to me of her mom--who most often ordered the chicken fajitas, but always wanted the chimichanga by the end of the night.

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