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June 17, 2005


Ken got home really late last night and wanted to check on Oliver before we went to bed.  We're always as quiet as a mouse because it's always my fear that he won't go back to sleep.  As was the case a couple of nights ago.  3 hours, I had to lay beside him!

Well!  Imagine the uncontrollable laughter that came from us when we opened the door to hear Oliver cheerfully call out "Surprise!"  It was 1:00 AM!

O: "I'm awake now!"

Us: Hysterical laughter

O: "I go play!"

Us: "Yah, right!  Back to bed you go, dude!"

O: "Mommy lie down on my car bed!"

And so it began...we've made a pact never to check on him again! 

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I climbed into my 2-year-old's bed a couple of weeks ago when he woke up too early. And it was a disaster for more than two weeks. Sounds like your guy doesn't mind having you around sometimes and sometimes not. But my kid would scream, "mommy snuggle" for what seemed like eternity. And he was a such a good sleeper before that. Never again--as much fun as it was.

Posted by: Suzanne | Aug 9, 2005 3:46:31 PM

Great post!

Posted by: Adam | Jan 25, 2012 4:25:59 AM

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