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June 15, 2005

Theo and His Chins


When it comes to metric weight conversions, I don't have a clue.  So when the doctor told us that Theodore was gaining weight really well and weighs 5690 grams, I just smiled and said "That's great!"  When I got home, I popped onto my favorite conversion site and got the English version.  12 lbs. 8 oz.  Go Theo! Go!

As if we couldn't tell by looking at him...check out those cheeks and extra chin!

However, this smile is not from today.  The 2 month appointment is not a pleasant one.  4 shots, 2 in each leg.  I don't know what pulled at my heart-strings more, Theo crying when he got stuck with the needles or Ollie crying because "my baby brudder Fee-a-dore has two owies, Mommy!"

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No matter how old they are, the shots are always the worst. Why can't they come up with some Star Trekkie-type injector that's painless? Luckily, the kidlet gets over it rather quickly and never suffers any ill-effects after (thank goodness). But still, having to hold her down so they can hurt her kills me!

Posted by: Laura | Jun 16, 2005 7:48:52 AM


Posted by: aunt tricia :o) | Jun 16, 2005 4:24:06 PM

Absolutely adorable!

Posted by: Darcie | Jun 23, 2005 11:30:28 AM

Oh my God, he is too cute!

Posted by: Karla | Jul 20, 2005 2:39:42 PM

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