September 28, 2005

5 Orange Circles

It is an absolute chore to get Oliver to eat vegetables so I was very excited to hear Oliver talk endlessly about eating "lello corn" at daycare today.  Of course, we don't have corn in our house so I saw the opportunity to introduce the idea of other colored orange circles (carrots) and green balls (peas).  Well!  According to O, that sounded like an awesome dinner!  Ha!

Me:  Oliver, dinner is ready!

O: Really?  Ok!  What you got for me, Mommy?

Me: Orange circles, green balls and pasta!

O: Oh!  Ok!

Oliver hops into his chair and spies the carrots and peas.  A quick push and the plate was across the table.

O: (arms crossed, full pout, sounding crushed) I don't like orange circles and green balls!

Me: But you haven't tried them yet.  Please eat ONE circle and ONE ball.

O: I can't!

Me: Why not?

O: Because it hurts me...I have a tummy ache...It's trouble...It's no good... (the excuses went on and on).

He managed to "try" ONE pea, spitting it out after one chomp.  And, after much coaching, he ate five carrot circles...mostly to the words "Daddy will be so proud of you!"  After the second circle, I asked how it tasted and got a "Good", after three circles, I got a "Yucky" and after the forth, an "I don't like Daddy!"  To get the fifth circle I held up four fingers and said "Eat one more and you can show Daddy you ate FIVE circles!"  O was beaming when Daddy called before bedtime - he held up all 5 fingers on one hand so Daddy could see through the phone that he ate five circles!

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August 23, 2005

Vehicle Fanatic


The addiction started with Daddy's car (a spiffed up Honda Civic), then it was the rental "Baby Car" (above).  Then there's Pop's truck and Yeh-Yeh's car.  My car, not such a thrill...I don't know, I love loved my Lexus SUV...and will miss it terribly since we are now, officially, a mini-van family.  Though, I do give the Honda Odyssey kudos for the double sliding doors that open by remote...handy with a toddler in one arm and an infant in the other!  Oliver is obsessed with "my van" and must know its whereabouts at all times.

The addiction elevated to a new level over the past couple of days.  Oliver is now quite chummy with the local law enforcement!  In all the right ways of course...he is only two, after all!

On Sunday he got to sit in a big red fire truck and today it was a police cruiser - with flashing lights no less.  The cop was smart enough to turn off the engine as Oliver climbed behind the wheel.  Perhaps there's already a bulletin out about his love for vehicles at such a young age!

He was one happy camper...and me without my camera on both occasions!

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August 22, 2005

Good Parent = Bad Blogger

My absence can be easily explained in two photos...



Busy, busy boys...morning until night (and sometimes during)...and we wouldn't trade them for the world!

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June 17, 2005


Ken got home really late last night and wanted to check on Oliver before we went to bed.  We're always as quiet as a mouse because it's always my fear that he won't go back to sleep.  As was the case a couple of nights ago.  3 hours, I had to lay beside him!

Well!  Imagine the uncontrollable laughter that came from us when we opened the door to hear Oliver cheerfully call out "Surprise!"  It was 1:00 AM!

O: "I'm awake now!"

Us: Hysterical laughter

O: "I go play!"

Us: "Yah, right!  Back to bed you go, dude!"

O: "Mommy lie down on my car bed!"

And so it began...we've made a pact never to check on him again! 

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June 10, 2005

Too Much Stuff!


Where's Ollie?

Honestly, I don't know how the kid sleeps at night!  And this photo doesn't show even half of the critters he has creeping about his bed.  The funny thing is, he plays with ALL of them!

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May 18, 2005

Attention All Ladybugs!

If you are in, around or bound for Oliver's Garden, do yourself a favour and TURN AROUND!  Go Home!  If you don't have a home, go to someone else's home!  Someone without children!  Consider yourself warned...


"I find it, the Ladybug!"

"I get it, the Ladybug!"

"I hold it, the Ladybug!"

"I gwish it, the Ladybug!"

It's OK! He didn't "gwish" this Ladybug. And the last Ladybug escaped with only a dented wing. But it is getting harder and harder to keep his mucky little paws off these poor defenseless creatures.

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May 02, 2005

Mr. Bubbles

We are SO loving our kids these days.  In particular, Oliver has sparked a new found love in Ken and I with his incredibly adorable and typical-of-a-two-year-old antics.

Yesterday, Oliver successfully completed a 2 minute Trouble Spot session (a slightly modified version of the SuperNanny's Naughty Spot) in response to a hitting match between he and me--that is he hitting me.  Immediately upon hearing the timer's "beep", he stood up from the stool and waited for me to come back into the room.  We had our chat and a big hug and he was off.  Since then, "Nooooo trouble!"

This morning, he trotted up to Theodore, who was sitting quietly in his bouncy chair staring up at the kitchen ceiling lights, and said "I yuh (love) you so much Feeadore!  Soooo much!"  I thought Ken was going to burst into tears on the spot--proud Daddy he is!

Tonight...need I say more?


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April 26, 2005

Payback is...

a dinosaur roaring at the top of his voice...while your newborn is sleeping.

a tiger pulling at your pj pant leg...when your hands are full and drawstring is undone.

a milk-spewing beluga...the day after you washed the floor.

a cereal-flinging spoon-bender...who looks at the ceiling anyway?


Ok, Mom and Dad, you can have your laughs now.

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April 18, 2005

Is it in the Genes?





Do you see why we get their names mixed up?!

Everyday is a flashback to 2 years looks only though.  The two couldn't be more different!  Theodore is so content to eat, sleep and poop.  Oliver..."I go play!  I GO PLAY!!  IIII GOOOOO PLAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!!"

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April 14, 2005

Mommy's Not-So-Little Helper


Where does the time go?!  We've been home for 11 days and have settled into somewhat of a "routine".  For those of you that are already laughing at that statement (you know who you are!)...ppplllllllllllllllllbbbbbbbbbbbbbbtttttttttthhhh!

As you can see, I have all the help I need!  Oliver turned into a big brother overnight.  It cracks us up that he's gone from "No like it the baby" before Theodore to "I'M COMING FEE-DA-DORE!!" at the tiniest of his whimpers.  Oliver loves to "hold, feed and help change" Theo, even if it means leaving his obsession of the moment.  Overnight, Oliver has turned into a good eater and sound sleeper.  As far as two-year olds go, he gets a big shiny gold star in our books.

Theo's working hard at getting back to his birth weight, a difficult task when there's so much sleeping and pooping to be done!  He's a bit of a dream these days but not to worry, two years isn't long enough to forget that stuff like that doesn't last.

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